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Hofläden in und um Zürich

Wer Lust und Zeit hat, sollte mal den direkten Weg wählen und die Bauern selbst aufsuchen. Liste auf RonOrp


The world from above

A trip to the Uetliberg and climbing up the tower brought me this nice iPhone picture. Thanks to the great weather and the platform that made me feel like flying in the air. A very disturbing and exciting feeling at the same time… pitty that I didn’t take my D90 along.
Doesn’t it look like an alien? Do you also see the two eyes?

Ehrendame, maid of honour

A leftover of the Sechseläuten. I think this peace of paper was ment to be a ‘reserved’ tag for the front rows.
It was laying in front of the entrance door to my office, and it seem to have moved at least 500m where the parade went through.

Yoga in the city – Zurich

Next weekend is the first Yoga festival, Indigo Lotus, in Zurich. With the festival they want to establish a new concept of ‘Lifestyle, combining clubbing with your body, mind and soul, organise Yoga retreats worldwide and in the whole be more than a sole festival or travel agent – they promote a new concept of going about your live’.

Let’s see – go there with a 15% reduction sponsered by the magazine annabelle. I am particularyl interested in their upcoming retreat offers.

Give your city a face

I came across this photography project which started in Berlin in 2008 and since 2010 it’s also international. It aims to show people who live in the respective cities as if one would try to give a city a more human face.

If you live in Zurich and want me to take a picture of you – I am happy to take a picture of yours.

The pictures above show the current faces taken for Zurich. There is still plenty of space for more, compared to Istanbul (72). Notice also the similarity  because of black hairs and the color adjustment of the pictures. Great! Or Barcelona, it’s less homogeneously.

Circle through the city of Zurich – 8th-9th May

(Pictures show Lyn Lingerie, Chez Lesunja, Goldsmith)

As announced earlier; it’s time again for ‘Kreislauf 4+5‘ from 8th to 9th May. Kreislauf is a word creation that alludes to the districts called ‘Kreis’ but also means circle and the other word ‘Lauf’ meaning to run in German or walking in Swiss German.

It’s about getting to know our creative neighborhood in design and fashion and for which these districts are know for. Besides being the districts for clubbing and formerly infamous red light district (and still at some places).

I liked the open-minded and relaxed atmosphere last time. Actually, I discovered it by accident with a friend. But this year it’s highlighted in my agenda! Meet me there, if you fancy joining me with my bicycle.

Advertising a blog

Found yesterday a post-it note at a shop window for a blog. The text was very appealing to me, but actually I just saw that pink little peace and was drawn to it.
I shall think about doing something similar, but first loewenherzlionheart has to explain me how she/he did it. Stenciling? And how did you do this stencil?

The text says: