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Love sushi and tuna?

If you like to eat sushi, regular or seldom, have you thought about where your tuna comes from? For example from the Mediterranean. 75% of the red tuna from there goes to Japan.

According to arte.tv, a bilingual tv channel in German and French, says that 80% of the world-wide tuna consumption goes into Japanese stomaches. And that the species is highly endangered, especially the red tuna. Watch the full clip in German on their page ‘Japan: Sushi rottet Thunfisch aus‘.

Monaco’s Prince Albert went so far to issue a ban of the red tuna and the Monaco’s chefs adapted their recipes to other fishes. A chef quotes that they had a tuna recipe with mango and clients came in particular to consume this dish. He sais that customers got used to the new recipe and no one asks for the old dish anymore ‘they have forgotten the dish’. Watch the full clip on arte.tv ‘Für ein paar Sushi mehr‘ (German).

I don’t mean to point my finger at Japan, but I ask myself ‘What about the other 20%’? And what can I do as a consumer? Enjoy it and see it again as luxury commodity and adapt your consumer habit by reduction, avoidance or leave it