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Don’t play with food

Except for these experiments. It looks so beautiful! How did they do this?

How much patience, respect!


Wow – what a pixel nightmare beauty!


Man, I seem to be not clever enough to embedd this clip into my post. Sorry to not offer a more convenient way of watching it. I’ll keep on trying!

I made it! Yay! I think I mostly take the hard way to learn something new, ­čÖé

The door, la puerta, die T├╝re

Next time you’re in Barcelona, Rome, Grottaglie or Murcia pay a little attention to the doors. Maybe you’ll find one again from this clip here. Great to watch! And I sooo admire their patience for this project – RESPECT!

Vive le comic!

French campaign against HIV and Aids.

Interview with Jonathan Ames, Author & Creator of “Bored to Death”

Interview with Jonathan Ames (32min)

Alice in Wonderland – coming to cinema

I LOVE Tim Burton!!! Now it’s the turn of the Alice in Wonderland fairytale – I am still very fond of fairytales. Due 5th of March 2010 – I won’t miss it.