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Christmas markets in Europe

I am in the midst of my next years planning of activities. Sounds a bit rigid and too organised, right?

The reason for this is simple; I just feel to miss many nice events. So I changed my strategy to select all the nice things I’d like to see and start to plan when I could go.

This is one thing I would like to see next year:

Basler Weihnacht

Speaking of markets; the Zwiebele-Märit in Bern is also on my list. Next 22nd November 2010.

Find here the list of Christmas markets as made by Livingathome.de in Weihnachtsmärkte in Germany and Europe.


Cut out and assemble font

Do you remember the ‘Modelbastelbogen’ at school? Well, you’ll only remember if you went to school in CH. I loved to assemble the houses and castels. While training my crafting skills I learned something about some historical sites in Switzerland. The assembly plans were also rathed from simple to difficult. When you mastered the ‘Chateau Chillon‘ you had reached the top… which made me really proud. But once assembled, they became dust catchers 😉

But if I see these advent (1, 2) calendars I get all merry and nostalic – and there are some more to choose from than I could back then (gosh; that sounds way too old).

Since then, I am still fond of assembling paper. Be it origami or a font; like I have seen it on Dafont (via Swissmiss).

Zurich – a collection of where to eat

On my ramble for christmas presents I stopped by at ilovetownhouse.ch  and found some nice things! Their product realy meet my taste! I got some white porcelain acorns for my christmas tree.

Surfing their page, I came across their list of cozy places. See their blog entry or download the page as pdf.

Meanwhile I filled in a survey of the designers exhibition Blickfang, I remembered the other designers weekend called ‘Kreislauf‘. They have also a list of places where to eat.

For more tips to eat your breaky, you can check my previous entry.

And don’t forget to reserve the next ‘Kreislauf’ weekend in May 2010!

October Walk

Some autumn impressions, walking at Fehraltdorf

Swiss Open Air Museum

For the first time in my life I went to Ballenberg. Ballenberg is a open air museum where old typical houses from different region have been rebuilt. Maybe an old house was about to be destroyed, so it got dismantled and rebuilt there again. So within 2 day you can explore historic Switzerland at one place!

What is also so charming is, that you can enter every house, see old furniture and clothes or maybe watch someone producing goods in the old way. Very educative!

If you go there, check out if SBB has got a special offer including the train ticket with the entry ticket.

Trip to Lucern

I made a trip to Lucern, Switzerland for work to check out a possible event location. While coming back to Lucern from Gütsch, it’s a hotel on a hill above the city, we walked through a quarter and found this shop: Pompidou, at Moosstrasse 1 and in the city itself.

They have a mix of accessories, furniture and deco stuff for your home. Their interior style could be described as french country style. Most of all I liked that they have fabrics of the Designers Guild! It’s rather difficult to find shops that sell their fabrics in Switzerland.

Zurich’s Brunch location tips

During my sisters further education time, I supported her in writing her final thesis. She would always come by on Sunday mornings and we would go for an extended brunch before going to work on her paper.
With every Sunday we had the “problem” to find a new location. But her final paper is written and the urge to find a new location is gone. So yesterday I came accross a list of brunch locations in Zurich which I might use for her next paper :-).
via zueritipp.ch

Another source I use is of RonOrp, his page recently published a list of brunch locations aswell.