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Year review of best ofs

Have you ever analised your surfing pattern? I haven’t. But what I’ve noticed is, that my surfing habit relects my way of thinking – BROAD… I follow an idea/link, start with one branch find another and get kind of lost in all the ramifications.

Hey, let me tell you something funny. When the internet started, well when I started exploring the internet I had the aim to see every web page… this is odd, isn’t it? Well, I droped that idea, luckily, but I still like to soak up many things to satisfy my varied interestest.

So here is a link that compiled a list of many “best of…” and “reviews of…” and I do not remember how I got there – sorry! From there I stumbeled over Penelope Trunk’s blog, which I mentioned in my previous entry.


Tailor made clothes, jewellery, handbag, sofa – the customised paradise of all the nice the haves

Are you aswell tired just buying stuff that is available and not being able to bring in your ideas and creativity?

Inspired by an article at the TagesAnzeiger (german) about designing your own clothes I thought to expand this list with my collection of links and places I’ve ordered stuff.

The Suit

Just found this page (6th April 2010) of A suit that fits. I certainly try out their services next time when I am again in London! You can either measure yourself or get yourself measured with a fit guaranty (£20) in one of their offices or call someone in (for £50). I tried composing a grey white striped suit with pink (!) lining and a personalised name tag in it and arrived at £260 – not bad at all. But I need to see and touch the fabric anyway to make my final decision.

The Dress

Create your own dress over Styleshake, Dressbydesign or get crafty by sewing it all by yourself with VoguePatterns. I have a pending (…) project for a wrap dress and I have a really stunning fabric for it.

Show-off you shirt

I didn’t know of shirtsmyway.com and they only do men shirts (!) but I use Tailorstore since 2 years. They recently changed the designing function and webpage – it looks great! Over the time they have expanded the design possibilities – I just love to play around and compose new designs! Hey, I’ve you need inspiration drop me a line and I create you one. Just let me know to which color type you belong to.

Here are two of my shirts I’ve ordered via Tailorstore:

From shirts to T-Shirt; the article mentions Streetshirts, Customink, Zazzle and  I have used Shirtcity and Homeshirt for good-bye shirts for working colleagues. I also have Cafepress, Spreadshirt and Bang-on in my link collection. But didn’t use it.

Not custom-made but cool design shirts and ‘being-ahead-of-the-crowd’ are pages like LaFraise, A better tomorrow and Threadless.

Once in a club in Zürich I said to the wardrobe guy that I recognised his shirt being from Threadless and I have one (another) aswell – he kind of got a bit upset…

Walk with style

Going from shirts to shoes. I think every one knows Nike-Id, although I never ordered something there I liked it since my discovery (around 2006). But the real luxury and comfort lies in having welted shoes! Sadly, I seem only to find pages who over it for men shoes. All you dandy, elegant and classy men, try out Huwyler. And let me know how you like the result.

And if you need a final twist for your legs to show off; why not try handmade woolen socks (yeah, the real old way). At Netgranny you can get your own granny knitting socks for you. If this is going too far for you, why not try a subscription Blacksocks or the fancy version mentioned in the article.

Go classy and traditional

by writing cards again. Found Cardsink which follows the same vote-and-sell concept like Threadless (over SwissMiss). But pleeeease, don’t just write with any pen. Get a proper fountain pen. Like this one in pocket-size.

Tailor your bling – swing your bag

With a ring at Egocollection, apparently for the singles who would like to wear a proper ring and being proud of being single at the same time. Or start your own jewellery line at Julie and Grace.

Ever wanted to design your own handbag? Well, then try Elemental Threads and get lost with all the options…

After your newly designed handbag, that old laptop bag needs color coordinated or at least updating. And speaking of color coordination, don’t forget to include your mobile cover and protection. You should try these (random order): Velvet Idole, Ab Sutton, Mundfunk, Canvasco, Mobilebags, Designskins, Schtickers, Urban Retro, Vaja Cases, Burning Love, Tilly Moss, More-Thing, Ultra-Case, ColorWare. I tell you, I have a tick for color coordinating everything. My friends only roll with their eyes or call me babe when they see (again) that my mobile cover coordinates with my ear rings, handbag or lipstick 🙂

Staying with accessories; go over the top with Name Your Porsche. A working colleague is really into Porsche and I am thinking about giving her already her personal name tag. But $600 for a fun gift is a bit over the top, don’t you think?

Change the standard Ikea look

Don’t throw your sofa away, unless the springs are really worn out like with mine, get your sofa sheets updated at Bemz. If you’re unsure which fabric to choose you can order up to 5 fabric samples which will help you with the decision.

Going beyond or absurd – you should pimp your dog

And lastly, don’t forget to wrap your presents with a personalised ribbon at Namemaker or get something warm for your dog at Bonnie Dog or as I have seen in New York Pixie and Peanut.

50 of the world’s best design blogs

Times Online published a list of 50 world’s best design blog.

Great! Another source of inspiration to follow, yai!