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Wear Swiss ice cream

Migros, one of the big grocery stores in Switzerland, reactivated their so familiar ice-cream brands. I use reactivate because with me, I know their ice-creams on a wooden stick since my childhood. And I remember mom to buy them in family packs, because they were cheaper this way. We, my sisters and I, would sneak down into the cellar to the freezer and ‘help’ ourself with one. I think we mostly only had chocolate, but they are also available in vanilla and strawberry.

So the reactivation or let’s say the tribute to the design of the packages, Migros developed ideas for merchandising and the expand the ‘shopping-experience’. Now we can have shirts, water bottles, post cards, sunglasses (in 80ties design…), flip-flops, beach towels, panties and bikinis in these designs.

I would like to have a beach towel and a pink shirt… but they do not have my size ­čśŽ

See here the original packaging of the ice cream boxes: