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My first ever Halloween Party

I am reading blogs since 2 years and they’re mainly from the US. Originally I was at home for 6 weeks with a plaster on my right leg – out of curiosity (and boredom) I surfed the web and found sooo many crafting blogs. A new universe opened up for me!

Eversince in Autum bloggers write about their Halloween parties and show their pictures. I envied them for this parties! It’s not a tradition here in Switzerland and people only wear fancy dresses for carneval. And even then, it’s more the catolic cantons who do that. The protestantic cantons are considered being more prudish more work oriented. An heir from the reformation by Zwingli.

Back to Halloween. Since Halloween is not a European custom, one sees hardly any decoration nor products in shops here. But it wouldn’t  hold me back to take this opportunity to invite friends and to organise a party .
So this year, I started with creating creepy invitations – inspired by marthastewart.com.

This is how the invitation looked like:

and yes, it’s my finger…