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Zimt macht mich glücklich

und mich auch. Interview mit Tanja Grandits, Spitzenköchin mit 1 Michelin und 17 Gault-Millau-Punkten in der Coopzeitung.

Artikel online in der Coopzeitung lesen (ohne Bilder) oder als PDF ‘Zimt macht mich glücklich’ öffnen (mit Bildern).


10 tips for your own (hand making/design) business

Found this article while surfing the web, from page to page, the blog of Kirin Notebook. Very handy for my own business, especially the pricing. I’ll take it as a rule of thumb. Thanks Kirin!

And another blog article focuses more on cutting costs by rethinking the items you use and getting more efficient. I like the idea that unless a similar product is not cost covering or does not look worth it’s value in comparison with the other existing items, then to keep it ‘in development’.

Going further down the road with marketing and advertising goes this article on Etsy, not so fresh anymore, but still insightful.

Skating in Kabul: Skateistan

Beautiful how sport or physical activity can give people inner freedom.

What Motivates Us To Do Great Work?

99% writes about the factors of motivation – as you might assume, it’s not money!

I liked this section the most:

… external motivators like a year-end bonus – only elicit better performance from people doing rote tasks. But once the barest amount of brainpower is required, higher financial rewards fail to produce better work. In fact, they actually inspire worse performance …

TED talk: the power of a time off (sabatical)

I like the idea of having a year break every 7th year and I rather work longer or even all my life simply because I love what I am doing!

Dirty hands – so true

See also article on World Famous Designers, The Dirty, dirty future

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

I find this idea or concept quiet a relief from carrying the burden of creativity all by yourself. And btw; she is the writer of Eat Pray Love – worth reading but not worth your time watching the movie.

Read also my other posts on creativity.