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The door, la puerta, die Türe

Next time you’re in Barcelona, Rome, Grottaglie or Murcia pay a little attention to the doors. Maybe you’ll find one again from this clip here. Great to watch! And I sooo admire their patience for this project – RESPECT!


Christmas markets in Europe

I am in the midst of my next years planning of activities. Sounds a bit rigid and too organised, right?

The reason for this is simple; I just feel to miss many nice events. So I changed my strategy to select all the nice things I’d like to see and start to plan when I could go.

This is one thing I would like to see next year:

Basler Weihnacht

Speaking of markets; the Zwiebele-Märit in Bern is also on my list. Next 22nd November 2010.

Find here the list of Christmas markets as made by Livingathome.de in Weihnachtsmärkte in Germany and Europe.