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Letterpress shop – Simple Song

I’d love to be able to attend their workshops… there is a reason why I am still attracted to font, despite that I have learned the profession of lithography but never made my way in this sector.

Don’t miss their blog, since 2007, and it’s huge!


Dirty hands – so true

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Circle through the city of Zurich – 8th-9th May

(Pictures show Lyn Lingerie, Chez Lesunja, Goldsmith)

As announced earlier; it’s time again for ‘Kreislauf 4+5‘ from 8th to 9th May. Kreislauf is a word creation that alludes to the districts called ‘Kreis’ but also means circle and the other word ‘Lauf’ meaning to run in German or walking in Swiss German.

It’s about getting to know our creative neighborhood in design and fashion and for which these districts are know for. Besides being the districts for clubbing and formerly infamous red light district (and still at some places).

I liked the open-minded and relaxed atmosphere last time. Actually, I discovered it by accident with a friend. But this year it’s highlighted in my agenda! Meet me there, if you fancy joining me with my bicycle.

50 of the world’s best design blogs

Times Online published a list of 50 world’s best design blog.

Great! Another source of inspiration to follow, yai!