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Couple ditches day job for a cupcake business

Watch on CNN


Crème de la crème – Kings of Pastry

I stayed up late yesterday, just to watch this television broadcast:

Kings of Pastry or the German title on arte.tv ‘Crème de la crème’.

Arte TV – Kings of Pastry

It’s a documentary where 16 chefs, during 3 days fight for the one chance to become a life time M.O.F. (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) and the chance to shake the French Prime Ministers hand once in their life. The documentary has also it’s own page.

I love everything that has to do with food and in particular with pastry. I wasn’t aware that this M.O.F. existed and I like this concept! It values and supports continuously the quality and advancement of traditional craftsmen ship. During my stay in Paris this March I noticed with excitement that there are sooo many pastry shops and there is a big culture and tradition of enjoying sweets. There is a statement at the beginning of the documentary by Jacquy Pfeiffer which I think describes the French culinary culture really well

the idea in France is to eat the best possible on a daily basis but just in small quantities, so that your brain is happy every day‘ ‘…you don’t starve yourself and then eat like a pig…‘.

I sooo confirm this idea! A daily dose of happiness… I just have to work my way down to the smaller quantities 🙂

Anyway, watching this it woke up again my idea for a professional pastry education and I decided to compile my collected links of pastry school in a post.

Here they are in the order I have found them:

I had another link to a pastry school in the UK, but I can’t find it anymore and my google searches haven’t been successful – anyone else here to help?

English Yellow Carrot Cupcakes

At the local markets here in Zurich you can get old carrot species. I wondered if these sorts were aswell suitable for carrot cupcakes. So I decided to go with the yellow ones.

It showed that they have a different structure, because I had difficulties to grate them. They were more fiberous and less juicy. So I grated them in two rounds.

I decided to combine two recipies: Carrots, Oranges and Rum Raisins with cream cheese frosting.

Ginger Bread Cupcake with Ginger Bread Chocolate Mousse….

I had an idea for a new cupcake creation: Ginger Bread Cupcake with Ginger Bread Chocolate Mousse….

I am really happy with the taste. And the chocolate layer between the cupcake and the icing gives a nice crunchy feeling.
But I am not satisfied that the mousse. It looses too quickly its shape for my preference. It makes them particularly difficult to transport… But my co-workers are anyway excited to get a new delivery 🙂

Picture takem from my iPhone, more soon on Flickr.

Vermicell Cupcake

Autumn and winter is always the time of ‘Marroni’ (sweet chestnut). The soon it gets a bit colder at every corner in Zurich you can see the green ‘Marroni-Hüsli’ (chestnut stands or little green cottages selling hot chestnuts) popping up.

With the season you’ll get the seasonal dessert, which is vermicell. It’s a shortcrust tart, filled with cream and meringue and on top a lot of chestnut mousse.

I wanted to adapt this dessert and transfer it to a completely new cupcake format. Did you ever eat something with chestnut flour? Well, I did. This flour reacts completely different to normal flour because it does not stick and does not rise. Hence it is suitable for people with food allergies like celiac disease. The chestnut flour has a very strong own taste, that is why I like it so much. I adapted a basic cupcake recipie integrating the chestnut flour but still having normal flour in it to make the cupcakes rise.

First try turned out great so I went on preparing the filling (chestnut mousse) and the icing (whipped cream). See the result:

Champagne Rhubarb Cupcakes

I had a sudden idea in May to create champagne rhubarb cupcakes; so I swarmed out in my recipie collection and adapted an existing one.