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Party holidays anyone?

Do you like to party during your holidays or do you prefer to relax and put your feets up?

Personally, I prefer relaxing weekends or short breaks to get out or off-my-mental-beaten-tracks. When it comes to holidays, like 3days+, I would need some activity.

Being a person of comfort and cosiness (hence the name of this blog) I never considered going to festivals where you digg you way through mud. Maybe turning older or when crossing the 30ties line you turn anyway less frugal? I think it has to do that we earn all a little bit more than in our young 20ties. Well anyway, that wasn’t my point.

Last year I decided to go to this little boutique festival SunSplash in Antalya, Turkey. All started with a email newsletter from Jamie Lidell a singer and composer I really love.

Convincing was the prospect of meeting new people, it’s small size, it’s premiere, sophisticated look, and the location.
And my gut feeling was right! At the end of the one weeker I got to know mostly all of the people (around 120), partied all day, relaxed and cured my hang-over at the pool, joined the workshops (yoga, stenciling, belly dancing), had relaxing massages at the 5star hotel Hill Side Su and performed some belly dancing during a concert of the band Baba Zula.

But the nicest thing was that the people were all so friendly and the DJs and singers mingled with their families like the rest of us. I felt as if I joined a family of happy people. There was certainly a very special vibe and spirit. One of the reasons I joined FB last year, so that I can keep in touch with them.

Sadly, I can’t go to SunSplash this year. After last years date was a bit too early for all-day-bikini weather, the organisers moved it from beginning of May to end of May. Unfortunately, the date colides with an event I am organising for my company.

But I have found other small boutique festivals mentioned in an article of metro.co.uk – anyone fancy to join me at the Garden Festival, Croatia (July 2-11) or the Worldwide Festival (July 8-11), France? I have picked up another location from someone or a bird tweeted it from a roof – Calvi on the Rocks in Corsica.

Amending this post I have found an article on Times Online which picks up the topic of going to a festival on a more comfortable and classily (=costy) height. I like it!

This is how the rooms look like… and below my perspective at the pool.

I will post some pictures from last years SunSplash a bit later.