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Which cooking book to buy

what a coincidence – just this weekend I talked with my friend about cooking and which cooking book to use for a absolute beginner. And then I stumbled over the Kassensturz cooking books review. What surprised me the most was, that Jamie Oliver did not perform really well.

Be aware Kassensturz from the Swiss television is very straight forward with their comments… and of course in German.

The jury judged the choices of recipies, comprehensiveness of text, feasability, usability and quality of picture (they should make you feel to cook and eat).

The results for basic principles in cooking:

The results for classics and new releases:

Kassensturz vom 22.12.2009

I recently saw ‘Alles klar’ in a bookshop and will have a closer look at it the next time. But I will definetely spend some time on Donna Hay’s book – I have one of hers and find it very inspriring.

In the report they also mention the cook book the Swiss get taught in highschool (yes, we have cooking lessions at school!), but mine is an older version.

Here’s a picture of it 😉