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JP Creatibles – Cookies custom made


JP Creatibles – nice word play


Crème de la crème – Kings of Pastry

I stayed up late yesterday, just to watch this television broadcast:

Kings of Pastry or the German title on arte.tv ‘Crème de la crème’.

Arte TV – Kings of Pastry

It’s a documentary where 16 chefs, during 3 days fight for the one chance to become a life time M.O.F. (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) and the chance to shake the French Prime Ministers hand once in their life. The documentary has also it’s own page.

I love everything that has to do with food and in particular with pastry. I wasn’t aware that this M.O.F. existed and I like this concept! It values and supports continuously the quality and advancement of traditional craftsmen ship. During my stay in Paris this March I noticed with excitement that there are sooo many pastry shops and there is a big culture and tradition of enjoying sweets. There is a statement at the beginning of the documentary by Jacquy Pfeiffer which I think describes the French culinary culture really well

the idea in France is to eat the best possible on a daily basis but just in small quantities, so that your brain is happy every day‘ ‘…you don’t starve yourself and then eat like a pig…‘.

I sooo confirm this idea! A daily dose of happiness… I just have to work my way down to the smaller quantities 🙂

Anyway, watching this it woke up again my idea for a professional pastry education and I decided to compile my collected links of pastry school in a post.

Here they are in the order I have found them:

I had another link to a pastry school in the UK, but I can’t find it anymore and my google searches haven’t been successful – anyone else here to help?

Ginger Bread Center Piece

I had some friends over last Saturday for dinner and I wanted to surpise them with a nice table setting. Plus I had a chance to take out again my old silver and get creative.

See how the table looked like finally:

tried out different piping tops and different ways of piping.



  • Chestnut cooked in rosmarin with hazelnut and almond
  • Charles Bertin, demi-sec


  • Warm spinach salad with avocado, bacon and pomgranate at a cider dressing


  • Vanilla lamb
  • Mashed bourbon sweet potatoes
  • Fruity red cabage
  • Tempranillo: La Granja (Dehesa, Alejandro Fernandez)


  • Fresh fig ice cream with rum
  • Chocolate sorbet with star anise

Autumn’s here

temperatures droped, I constantly shiver, however I wanted to welcome autumn with some cookies. At least, they warm my heart 🙂

They are called “Brunzli” in Swiss-German and are actually a cookie for christmas.