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Insalada pomodoro – fresh bread II

Wholemeal sourdough bread with dried tomatoes. I’ll have it with mozzarella, basil and a bit of olive oil – like insalada pomodoro…


Mad as a hatter or hast Du eine Meise?

My dear friend Julia gave me a tip to a living room look a like cafe in Baden. It’s called ‘Frau Meise‘ meaning ‘Ms Titmouse’. I had to look up the word Meise in English, I admit. I decided to translated as written to prevent a double meaning with another possible word translation ‘tit’ 🙂

I adore the style of this page, it has sort of a french touch to me and that is always good. Mais oui!

But I also remembered the cafe because I read this article on tink.ch ‘Lieblingsplätze XV: Zu Gast bei Frau Meise‘. One of these articles I consider worth keeping and to remind me to visit Ms Tit, oops!

PS: I’ve you found my subject a bit funny, I looked up the translation for ‘Hast Du eine Meise’ by sheer curiosity and than I remembered hearing that at ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Tim Burton.

Note also that the cursor is a small pink bird and if you passover the menu a bigger bird in blue shows on the left. See also on the picture.

Get your breakfast delivered

This is for all the lasy Zurichoise, get your breakfast delivered – not to your bed but to your doormat.

Funny how products and services often then appear shortly after a friend mentiones that ‘this would be a great business opportunity’. And this breakfast service is certainly one of it.

Try either Brunch Butler or Brunch at home.

Zurich Brunch Location – Update

Here’s an addition to my post “Zurich’s Brunch location tips“. I stumbled upon a map I’ve made on GoogleMaps some time ago; sometimes I just forget how thorough I did something somewhere else… 🙂

PS: All you ladies put your ballerinas on for this brunch! Note that the Chäsalp has an unconventional price calculation – multiply your height in cm by 21 Rappen (for adults). I would pay 35.70CHF

Update (13.0110): There is a group of people, called Bloodysundaybrunch, who meet once a month for a Sunday brunch in Zurich. You’re welcome to join.

I actually create a lot of maps for my travel trips (Paris, Barcelona, London, New York, etc.) to keep an overview of all the tips I read in magazines, blogs, travel guides and so forth… I create them by category such as culinary, party, eat, sleep, shopping, etc. but I would like to be able to group them also by district/area. Especially handy in big cities. I would like also to have a iPhone app where I could access these maps and combine them with Wikipedia entries depending on my current location. Actually, the iPhone App AroundMe does that! Was very cool in NYC; so I could update my friends on special sites real-time. But I depended on free wi-fi. No problem in NYC but in other cities I hardly have access to free wi-fi spots and roaming can become veeeery expensive. I’ve tried to search a restaurant in BCN on Google Maps via iPhone. It took me about 2-3min and costed 33CHF (USD 32)…

If I could wish from GoogleMaps some other functions; these would it be

  • duplicate a created map
  • move a set point to another map
  • have them available on my iPhone

Fig Brioche Bread

A working colleague had a slight fig overproduction of her tree and brought me some really mature and juicy figs to work! She assumed that I could help her out with fig recipies (she knows I love to cook and bake), which I did. That inspired me to bake again a fig bread.


It’s a very simple recipie and I have it from a magazin where they made a cover with Sarah Wiener.  The dough is very airy, like a brioche. It goes well with sweet toppings like marmelade but also very good with ham and cheese.

Fig Bread (translated from German):


  • 300gr Flour
  • 1/2 cube of yeast (=21gr)
  • 125ml milk (slighty warmer than room temparature)
  • 60gr Sugar
  • 1 Egg and 1 Egg yolk
  • 100gr Butter, melted
  • 100gr dried Figs
  • 4 fresh Figs
  • aluminium foil


  • 20min for mixing
  • 1h to let merge
  • 30min to let merge a 2nd time
  • 40min baking time

Preparation (20min & backing and waiting time):

  1. Knead flour, yeast, milk, sugar, 1 egg and butter to an even mass. Mix it first with a machine and knead it with hands for a few minutes. But aside in a bowl at room temparature, cover with a kitchen towel and let it merge for 1h
  2. Cut dried figs in cubes, kneat into dough, put dough in a buttered cake form (25cm). Wash fresh figs, dry them gently with a kitchen towel (don’t rub, dry dab), press them in the dough and let it merge for another 30min.
  3. Preheat oven at 180 degrees, with a air circuating oven only 160 degrees
  4. Whisk egg yolk and coat bread. Push bread at lowest level in oven and backe it for about 40min. If the bread starts to turn dark on top, cover it with aluminium foil
  5. Remove from oven and let chill

Serve it for breakfast with cheese, marmelade and honey or serve it for the afternoon tea. Also a very nice gift for a brunch invitation or a housewarming party.

Zurich’s Brunch location tips

During my sisters further education time, I supported her in writing her final thesis. She would always come by on Sunday mornings and we would go for an extended brunch before going to work on her paper.
With every Sunday we had the “problem” to find a new location. But her final paper is written and the urge to find a new location is gone. So yesterday I came accross a list of brunch locations in Zurich which I might use for her next paper :-).
via zueritipp.ch

Another source I use is of RonOrp, his page recently published a list of brunch locations aswell.