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Over ‘They Draw & Cook’ artist paint or draw cooking recipies into pieces of art. Submit your recipie and get interpreted by an artist or search for recipies listed on the world map.


A Facebook life in 3min

Historical pictures of NYC’s subway (1910-2000)

Put together by the New York Times

Save the polaroid culture

With the impossible project. I still have an old camera at home, think I bought it 1996…

Check out their package design… super minimalistic – I love it.

Don’t play with food

Except for these experiments. It looks so beautiful! How did they do this?

How much patience, respect!

The world from above

A trip to the Uetliberg and climbing up the tower brought me this nice iPhone picture. Thanks to the great weather and the platform that made me feel like flying in the air. A very disturbing and exciting feeling at the same time… pitty that I didn’t take my D90 along.
Doesn’t it look like an alien? Do you also see the two eyes?

Quote of the week

Here’s a difference between beauty and charm.
A beautiful woman is one I notice. A charming woman is one who notices me

John Erskine

I have found her, isn’t she beautiful? Does that make me charming too?