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Food supply chain shapes our cities

I never realised that the limitations of food transportation and supply were also relevant factors on how big a city could become a few hundred years ago! The talk had been presented in 2009, but it hasn’t lost actuality.

I will start to have a closer look at street names and I find it an interesting idea to imagine the past while wandering around at my next city trip!
I sooo much appreciate that we have our local markets here in Zurich! Check out the markets on Tuesday and Friday either at Helvetiaplatz or Bürkliplatz. Check the entire list of markets in Zurich.

I will get some organic and eatable roses and fuchsia for my next cake project this Friday. I saw them on the Swiss television at the show called Aescherbacher.

For great meat, consider buying Galloway Beef from the Döltschihof. Which is literally just up the hill from my home! Or a bit further way the Wendelin Hof for Angus Beef.

Inspiration source: Found the ted talk on the Swiss blog called delicioustaste. Thought it is an enlightening TED presentation and enhanced it with some more (local) ideas.


Yoga in the city – Zurich

Next weekend is the first Yoga festival, Indigo Lotus, in Zurich. With the festival they want to establish a new concept of ‘Lifestyle, combining clubbing with your body, mind and soul, organise Yoga retreats worldwide and in the whole be more than a sole festival or travel agent – they promote a new concept of going about your live’.

Let’s see – go there with a 15% reduction sponsered by the magazine annabelle. I am particularyl interested in their upcoming retreat offers.