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Circle through the city of Zurich – 8th-9th May

(Pictures show Lyn Lingerie, Chez Lesunja, Goldsmith)

As announced earlier; it’s time again for ‘Kreislauf 4+5‘ from 8th to 9th May. Kreislauf is a word creation that alludes to the districts called ‘Kreis’ but also means circle and the other word ‘Lauf’ meaning to run in German or walking in Swiss German.

It’s about getting to know our creative neighborhood in design and fashion and for which these districts are know for. Besides being the districts for clubbing and formerly infamous red light district (and still at some places).

I liked the open-minded and relaxed atmosphere last time. Actually, I discovered it by accident with a friend. But this year it’s highlighted in my agenda! Meet me there, if you fancy joining me with my bicycle.


Light my tweed

Another great tipp I’ve spotted on Design Squish: DIY: BIRD CAGE LAMP

It’s ‘se frönch’ touch that I love, please also notice the small hand mirrors at the wall! Made me look immediately for a second hand cage, until I reminded myself that I should also think of a place where to hang it…

Here are some second hand cages that I found on Ricardo:

Bargain lounge chairs for your balcony


I remember that I had a similar idea for bed slats when I was much younger… I like the simple but tidy look of it. The ones I had once at hand were made of a cheaper wood and the wood itself needed some serious sanding first.

My cushion would be made with one of shabby chick fabrics, a little bit pink, blue, yellow and green maybe with dots or roses – playful and light.