Travelling without guide books. Google maps not accessible anymore

Last week I referred to an article ‘Ditch the guidebook’ in my post and mentioned that I use Google maps to mark all my points of interest and when being abroad I would use an App to have access to my maps . With the GPS function I was able to locate myself in the city and walk down my pins.

Well, happiness has ended and I am back with paper ūüė¶ at least that in style.

Seems that not many people travel the way I do. I keep my eyes constantly open for interesting places; be it for restaurants, cafes, deli shopping, museums, culture, party places and anything with food. Anything I consider ‘good’ goes on my custom Google maps and whenever I go somewhere, I would be ready have great things at hand immediately. Sources are: other travel guides, newsletter, newspaper, friends, Facebook, internet in general, etc.

But I hardly know anyone who does it like that. Seems that most people buy a travel guide and pick things from there.

I am not satisfied with that – I want only my top picks, my personal creme de la creme at hand. Everytime, immediately. I have a good nose for quality, good stuff and trends. A truffle pig doesn’t settle for anything else/less than truffle or bellota (=jamon de bellota) once it tasted it …

As I noticed this weekend in Barcelona; Google stopped this service. Meaning, I can’t synch my maps to my iPhone anymore. Although there is a workaround, but it’s not very handy. I can access my individual cards via the Safari browser on the Google Maps App. But all my special marks and notes are not available.

I have found alternative Apps that I will test. They’re called oMaps, OffMaps, Galileo, OpenMaps and use opensource maps. But as I see from reading the descriptions I can not create custom maps, nor set personal pins nor import other maps. They offer additional service like what is near you and other peoples marks. But I am not interested in other users content, only mine.

Maybe I’m lucky with The Cartographer, I have to find out if they’re also effected by the recent change and if it suits my needs.


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