Birthday cakes: Rhubarb tarte & Chocolate Orange cake

I had developed the idea to improve my baking skills and challenge my mind with getting out creative ideas. Instead of baking it only for myself I have decided to approach my working colleague with the idea. Having a concrete target motivates to get creative and getting more hands on.

Contact me if you would like me to bake you something: Cakes, cupcakes, tarts, breads, and and and. Describe me the purpose, which occasion and if you wish to have special ingredients.

The target was to bake two cakes: Chocolate cake with orange bits and a fruity cake, no alcohol nor gelatine. Since there are not many local fresh fruits available in this season, I suggested to go with rhubarb. Further I bought samples of chocolates with orange bit or aroma in it. I made this for me to get a taste sampling and to offer the samples to my working colleagues to find out their likes.

After marveling over my baking books during the weekend, collecting and trying to incorporate own ideas I eventually merged everything together. I also tend to mingle recipes or parts of them together and create a completely new style.  This is my first realised project:

Rhubarb tart, coated with rose flower jelly and covered with saffron meringue AND
chocolate cake aromatised with home-made candied orange zest and a melted candy mirror

In total I’ve spent about 5h, excluding my baking oven baking a night shift for the meringues.

I started first with pealing the oranges, boiling it for a long time in sugar-water, continued with crushing the candies with my ice crusher and grinding/beating the smaller peaces to candy-dust. I applied the dust to a silicone baking sheet (temperature) and melted it for a short time in the oven under the grill. Meanwhile the candy mirror was cooling down, I prepared the dough for the tart. The first dough recipe I either must have read wrong or it was wrongly written – in the midst of kneading it I changed my mind and transferred everything to a previous recipe I successful had made. While the dough was back in the fridge I pushed the orange zest into the oven for drying and carried on with melting the chocolate. Because the dough for the tart only needed 6 egg yolks I decided to use the egg whites to whisk them into a very stiff meringue.

I am very pleased with the result of both cakes. Next time I will try to dry/bake the meringue for a shorter time. The turned out a bit hard and dusty when eating and maybe reduce the amount of saffron for next time. I will also think a bit about how to pick up the shrinking effect of the rhubarb. When filling them in the baking pan was densely packed with the rhubarb cuts, but after the baking I had too much space in between for my taste.


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