Hoppy Easter! Dyeing eggs naturally

I bought some antique chocolate moulds, and here is one of them. It looks like as if the rabbit is grinning, but it’s actually a reflection.

I’ve added two more pictures of my Easter decoration – hope you like it.

I have blowed out the eggs myself… it took my aaaages. But the colouring of the light brown (with dried nutshells) and the pink (with dried bugs) went successfully. I also tried to colour some more eggs in blue with red cabbage, I didn’t succeed at all. They look kind of pale blue or greyish. Anyway, the colour does not look appealing at all and I will have a second run.

Ah and ps: don’t add any vinegar to red cabbage. No matter how little the vinegar is, the cabbage turns immediately whitish. I thought that with a little of vinegar the chalk egg-shell would absorb the colour better…

IInd Aahh: Store the dried nutshells airtight! Mine hosted formerly some flour moths… yuk! Positive: I know now where they survived, whereas I stored all food stock airtight…


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