Mad as a hatter or hast Du eine Meise?

My dear friend Julia gave me a tip to a living room look a like cafe in Baden. It’s called ‘Frau Meise‘ meaning ‘Ms Titmouse’. I had to look up the word Meise in English, I admit. I decided to translated as written to prevent a double meaning with another possible word translation ‘tit’ 🙂

I adore the style of this page, it has sort of a french touch to me and that is always good. Mais oui!

But I also remembered the cafe because I read this article on ‘Lieblingsplätze XV: Zu Gast bei Frau Meise‘. One of these articles I consider worth keeping and to remind me to visit Ms Tit, oops!

PS: I’ve you found my subject a bit funny, I looked up the translation for ‘Hast Du eine Meise’ by sheer curiosity and than I remembered hearing that at ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Tim Burton.

Note also that the cursor is a small pink bird and if you passover the menu a bigger bird in blue shows on the left. See also on the picture.


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