Lime Cake for New Year’s Eve

We were invited to some friends of my sister to join them in Davos for New Year’s Eve. We knew we are going to have Raclette for dinner, so I thought the least thing I could bring is a dessert. Since Raclette is a rather heavy meal, I imagined that the sour component of a lime cake would help us with our diggestion.

I used a recipie from a lemon cake and replaced the lemons with limes. I still haven’t figured out how to intensivy the lime savour, althought I increased the amounts.

The recipie uses aswell almonds and candied lemon peel. Does anyone know how to make candied lemon peel? I would like to try it aswell with limes and tangerines.

While preparing the cake I mused about how to decorate the cake and I remembered that I  had some egg whites left-overs from the Chocolate Mousse. So I decided to make lemon meringues as I did earlier this year.


and here some winter pictures from Davos (more on my flickr set):

I am still trying to figure out how to improve the settings on my camera when taking pictures in snow and/or against the sun light. It just feels too much like try and error and I would like to know more ‘rationally’ how to change the settings. I’ll keep you posted on my progres 🙂


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