Cut out and assemble font

Do you remember the ‘Modelbastelbogen’ at school? Well, you’ll only remember if you went to school in CH. I loved to assemble the houses and castels. While training my crafting skills I learned something about some historical sites in Switzerland. The assembly plans were also rathed from simple to difficult. When you mastered the ‘Chateau Chillon‘ you had reached the top… which made me really proud. But once assembled, they became dust catchers ūüėČ

But if I see these advent (1, 2) calendars I get all merry and nostalic – and there are some more to choose from than I could back then (gosh; that sounds way too old).

Since then, I am still fond of assembling paper. Be it origami or a font; like I have seen it on Dafont (via Swissmiss).


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