After having dreamed for quiet some time; I have purchased a SLR this April. I am still very happy with it and I am constantly pleased and satisfied with the visual results of my new Nikon D90.

Being a beginner with SLR’s I have booked a photography course specially made for SLR amateurs with Foto Ganz. For the next 4 weeks I am attending these 3h classes. Every week we would get homework which will discussed in our last session.

Follow my current homework progress on flickr.


After the first lessions we received 5 tasks. One was to take pictures of moving objects like cars, trams, cyclist, pedestrians, etc.

I learned 3 lessons: always smile when taking pictures of people, hide and it’s of an disadvantage catching too much attention when being a photographer. Normally, no one would complain about getting attention, wouldn’t you?

While taking pictures of moving objects, I wanted to catch a car, a man approached me asking (in a angry tone and a face) me why I had taken a picture of his car… I eventually sorted it out with him.


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