Hello world!

Last year I made a special new years eve intention: I set myself the target to visit every month another European city during 2009. See below how well I’ve managed that:

January: London, UK and Pontresina in Switzerland

February: Marrakech, Morocco

March: stayed at home

April: stayed at home

May: Antalya, Turkey

June: Paris, France

July: Barcelona, Spain

August: London, UK

September: planned was Geneva with my friend – postboned. But I get visit from Spain and I will be showing Zurich.

October: New York, USA

November: stayed here. Went to Blickfang and the photo exhibition of Graciela Iturbide

December: Barcelona, Spain

You may ask yourself why I had this funny idea. Well, I got frustraded by the feeling that I did not  travel much around in my past. Mostly due to the fact that I could not find someone to join me. But I have changed my expectation towards having someone with me. Now, whenever I feel like seeing a place I organise the trip, the sights I want to see and the places where I want to eat and shop. Meanwhile I ask my friends if someone wants to join, if not I have my plans made already and if someone joins; even better!

To the amusement of my working colleagues I became the person knowing best where to get the cheapest air faires… 🙂


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